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How lovely you’ve stumbled into my lair.. Jokes ;-) crocus-flower1  Come in, sit, relax, take a deep cleansing breath. [[[  Peaaaace… ]]]

The creative escape is just that. An escape from the mundane reality of life, where you can enjoy reading, thinking and sharing, and hopefully reinvigorate your mind, meeting great people along the way.

I was constantly being told “you should write a book’ – so I did, lol. But I have always been very creative and artistic, from painting to dance to music to singing to writing – you name it. I created this site to post my ebooks, meet new people, and just babble a little now and then. I do love emailing with all the people who contact me, and can now tick this off my to-do list.

This is my few little pixels in cyberspace, and I do what I feel like in here – It’s a place of love, free (respectful) expression and peace for everyone :-)  Feel free to browse around, read a post or 5, leave your comments. The menu for pages is above, and to read general update posts, click into ‘blog’.

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